I recently watched a scary movie titled Ouija. The movie summary goes like this; there is a girl who cleans out her attic and in turn finds an Ouija board. The girl then goes on to break the number one rule; do not play the game when you are alone, there is also another rule that she breaks that we find out later in the movie; do not play in a cemetery. Whatever spirit the girl was talking to leaves the board and goes into the girl, the spirit then precedes to hand the girl off of her chandelier, making it look like a suicide. The girl’s friends, five total, then find out about the Ouija board and use it to “talk” to their dead friend. What they don’t realize is that the thing they’re talking to isn’t their friend, but actually the same spirit their friend was talking to. The spirit then gets out of the Ouija board and kills 2-3 of the other friends. The main character of the movie goes into the same attic where the board was find and discovers the pictures and articles of the family that previously lived in the home. The girl talks to the older sister of the previous family and follows her directions on how to get rid of the spirit that she says is her mother. When the main character and her sister do so it only serves in the killing of the rest of the remaining friends all except the main character and her sister. Later in the movie the audience finds put that the sister of the [previous family was lying and in fact the spirit was the other sister and the mother was keeping her at bay as best she could. The main character and her sister are able to get rid of the sister’s spirit and the movie ends with the audience believing that the spirit isn’t actually gone.

The movie was written by Juliet Snowden and directed by Stiles White. The movie itself was great, I would rate it a three and a half out of five stars. The cinematography was good, the spirits themselves when the audience does seem them are quite realistic. All in all I’ll be sure to NEVER use and Ouija board myself.

Word Count: 384


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