Bates Motel

I’ve recently started watching a new series on Netflix titled Bates Motel. I’ve only just finished watching the second season, but already I’m completely hooked.

The shows setting based on current times in White Pine Bay, Oregon. The characters are based off the character of Robert Blochs novel Psycho. The story is about a boy, seventeen, named Norman Bates and his mother Norma. In the show Norman has a condition is which he “blacks out” and he gets very angry. In these “black outs” Norman usually harms someone and in a few occasions actually kills. Norman also has visual and auditory hallucinations of his mother whenever he finds himself in a sticky situation so to speak.

The story begins after the death of Norma’s husband, which is actually Normans doing. They then move to Oregon and Norma buys a run down motel, which she eloquently names Bates Motel. The Bates then find out that White Pine Bay isn’t just any old town, but instead a town that’s main economic source is the marijuana business.

A lot of people come and go and there are many surprises. Bradley, a teenager featured in the first season, kills one drug leader-type after she believes he killed her father. Norman and his brother Dylan then help her get run away. Norman and Emma, one of Normans very few friends, discover a sex trafficking buisness and that their local deputy is keeping one of the women captive in his basement. Dylan ends up shooting and killing him and the Sheriff Romero helps them cover it up. The audience finds out that Dylan is actually the son of Norma and her brother Caleb, who raped her repeatedly throughout her childhood. Norman has sex with one of his teachers, Ms. Watson, and then kills her.

There are so many other surprises and plot twists that make the show so intriguing and the opposite of boring. I. Am. Addicted.

Word Count: 321


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