Back To The Future

This weeks blog is inspired by my English teachers choice of clothing this Monday. She wore a blue T-shirt that read as follows;”I attended the High Valley High Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, November 12, 1955″. Said T-shirt was inspired by one of the best movies ever made; Back To the Future.

All three of these movies, parts 1,2, and 3 are equally great. They are also coincidentally my favorite movies. If ever I happen to find myself scrolling through the channel guide to find something to watch and I come upon one of the Back To the Future movies, there is no question on what my next move is. It may I be referred to as an addiction my some, but it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I can and will watch it 1 million times more.

What I like most about the Back To the Future movies are the story lines in general, it’s a story about an old wacky scientist who teams up with the ‘cool’ guy in high school to take a journey into the past, then the future, then the past again! Not only that but the entire cast was amazing! Whether it be the dorkie-ish dad, the bully and his gang, or the girl Marty loved.

When I saw Back To the Future for the first time I fell in love with Michael J. Fox. He’s made other movies such as Teen Wolf and Doc Hollywood and many more, but those are some of my personal favorites. He is one of the best actors ever, and maybe that opinion is al little biased seeing as how he is the main character in my favorite movies.

I won’t give anything away for you crazies who have yet to see these movies, but I will sat afterward you will not be able to say no whenever they happen to be shown on TV. You have been warned, Marty McFly will make you procrastinate all other plans!


Just A Little Somthing About Me

My name is Carissa Thigpin. My blog will contain my likes and dislikes of things like; music, TV shows, movies, books, poetry, etc. You, as the reader, will get to know me on a personal level. As you will soon see my love for music and movies is very versatile. My array of favorite artists and movies is large, but still evenly spread through the tons of different styles of music and movie themes.

Okay, for starters, my favorite artists at the moment is a three-way tie between Sia, J. Cole, and Sam Smith, I apologize beforehand for any inappropriate language in the links provided. Each one of these artists hold the ability to tell a story with their lyrics, and I love that. Sia writes songs that you must listen to 25 times before you have an inclining of the message she’s trying to send, or the story she’s trying to tell.(Sia-Breathe Me) Sam Smith’s lyrics are full of soul, they make me want to lock him in my home and have him sing non-stop for me for forever. (Sam Smith-I’m Not the Only One) J. Cole has become fed up with the rapping that’s being done currently and has shown to rap about meaningful, important things. (J. Coles-’03 Adolescence)

Another ‘favorite’ I’ll add in this blog post are my favorite poets. The top one has to be Edgar Allen Poe, which may be a little bias since my middle name is the name of one of his poems. His Annabelle Lee was probably one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read, as well as his Dream Within A Dream. Another one would have to be Robert Frost, with whom I only fell in love with because of his poem The Road Not Taken. I appreciate poems that speak to me, ones that leave me speechless and order me to read over and over again.

So that was just a little about me; there is much more to come.