Heller by JD Nixon, and  is a book about 26 year old Matilda Chalmers, who only likes to be called Tilly. She has recently lost her acting job as a fruit. She wanted to an actress but has finally realized that its not meant to be. Not only because she can’t act, but also because she isn’t your average skinny mini. She’s not from the worst of family having two older siblings married and two nieces. Deciding she only has 20 dollars to her name, she starts looking in the newspaper and online to find herself a job. When she comes across job for security and surveillance, she decides to follow through immediately. But as you learn throughout the book, trouble follows her everywhere. She gets stuck in the elevator, gets kicked in the face by a little boy name Niq, and gets blood all over her cheap but best interview suit. After meeting the infamous Heller, the boss, who’s tall blonde and handsome, and gets critiqued about all her bad acting jobs. She decides that maybe the job isn’t for her. When she gets up to leave, a smoke bomb is thrown through the window causing Heller to land on top of Tilly and pushed her nose into the carpet to start bleeding again. Ready to give up and go home. Heller stops her and offers her the job, which plenty of benefits she couldn’t refuse. Which her off on her journey as a security guard under the mysterious one name Heller, a little boy named Niq, Daniel a man with a scar from his eye to lip, Clive and Sid, twins who has a porno collection, and Victor who is the equal to luckiness monster. Since no one has seen or heard from him but has been sited on occasions. She lives up to her name as a trouble magnet, and earns more trouble for the security and surveillance business than they’ve had in a long time.

I loved this book because its not your everyday sob story, It gets into the gruesome line of work and of a boss who cares for his employees. Everyone has a story as its there decision whether or not to tell Tilly about it. But as time goes on she proves herself to the team and Heller. It shows the commitment of someone who wants something so bad, even mayhem follow then wherever they go.

This book is the first of seven, it continues on as the Heller Series.

Word Count: 416


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